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Modern Functional Wooden Window Frames Designs
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1. Produc Description of  Modern Functional Wooden Window Frames Designs

 1 structure:  windows in wood

 2.thickness: 68mm

 4.rubber seal strip:imported EPDM;

 5.hardware: German ROTO hardware, inward tilt-turn antitheft hardware.

 6. Wind resistance:GB/T 8484-2008 class 8;

 7. Water impermeability:GB/T 8484-2008 class 5;

 8.Heat Insulation:  GB/T 8484-2008 class 9;

9. Sound Proof:  GB/T 8484-2008 class 5;

2.  Picture of Modern Functional Wooden Window Frames Designs

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4. Advantage of Modern Functional Wooden Window Frames Designs

Products can be recycled, the use of resources and the environment and protection of this important significance, is a green building materials, health protection.


By solid wood composite frame with good air tightness and prevent seepage performance, with two glass three cavity double LOW-E filled with hollow glass, so it has a super LeopardGrain heat insulation property.

Super noise: ultra thick frame, three glass double hydrogen, the noise reduction effect of products reached more than 35 db.

The thermal conductivity of the wood is very low, the heat transfer performance and the heat dissipation performance are lower, and the heat transfer performance is better.

Wood anti aging ability, durable, not deformation.

Wood is a warm feeling of material, but also has a good decorative effect of the material, but also in line with the current people’s ideas and consumption concept.

Open mode of diversity, can be designed as: flat open, on the hanging.

5. Certification of Modern Functional Wooden Window Frames Designs